Beautiful Images for Interior Spaces

Lacuna Collection offers gallery quality prints at direct from artist pricing. By selling online, I am able to keep my overheads low, which means lower prices for my customers! I pride myself in my unique original works which I have lovingly created over the past 15 years. I earned a MA Photography degree from Central Saint Martins in London and then followed my dream of making beautiful images that would have an emotional connection with people and also look great in any interior space.


Taking on the roles of both artist and gallery.

Through the setting up of Lacuna Collection, I have been able to take on the roles of both artist and gallery, providing a home for my photographic artworks as well as bypass the traditional art-world intermediaries. This way I will be able to establish a profitable businesses as a confident artist entrepreneur who produces, markets, and sells my own artworks.  

My love for being outdoors, exploring new places and having new experiences combined with my love of photography, art and interior design inspire me every day. I hope you enjoy the artworks as much as I did creating them. You can follow my IG page @lacunacollection for my artworks and inspiration. 

Thank you for all the support!

Lee Gassik  🖤✌️